Security for animals is hard?

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Security for animals is hard?

Post by redbull93 » Wed Aug 07, 2013 10:50 pm

Hello I work as a park enforcer/ wild life park bike patrol officer
I have never seen people disrespect mother nature as much as I see people hurt animals you would think that a bottle cap from a soda bottle would do more damage then anything els but I have had more calls for wild life being treated as emusement then I could handle first was the curcus Acts with animals and now its happening in a wild life park/park for sports and all other activities...

I find my job very fun in some ways but I really need help to understand why most of the people who want to preserver the world end up hurting it more then the people I who just like to through trash on the ground....I see that day after day.

Once I responded to a call about teens playing around a specific area thats shut off to the public with fire works shooting it at a beaver the beaver was really hurt it had to be put to sleep which made me feel like crap and very mad

My question for all people who read this post is
Why can't people treat animals with respect

And why are people these days of all ages not being kind to animals the wild

Please feel free to comment on and pleas tell me what is happening to wild animals that roam near were you are

Feel free to ask questions about how to deal with a situation... Where you want to help protect wild animals form ppl and make sure you are safe from them as well if they are preditorial
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Re: Security for animals is hard?

Post by wolfpackatdawn101 » Tue Aug 13, 2013 3:56 pm

Thats sad, here's a list of good and bad things that happen to animals in my local area.

Good things:

local animal center

local clean-up crew

vets office

nice people

animal abuse control

The bad things:

animal abuse in the worst ways


bad people :( :x

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