Lions Being Poisoned in Africa

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Re: Lions Being Poisoned in Africa

Post by CamaroChick » Sat Aug 11, 2012 1:06 pm

That is a shame to do that to such a beautiful creature. It almost you angry. :x Though i do see the need to do this for when they are OVER populated, but not now. Even ten a better way could be designed instead of poisoning them, to have a much quicker and less painful death. The lions are almost if not already on the going extinct list. What is the need to do this, other than to have a lion pelt, or teeth, or the claws of them. I would rather have the actually creature then features off of them. :(
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Re: Lions Being Poisoned in Africa

Post by silvywolfy » Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:00 am

If hunters are going to kill lions, it would be better to shoot them. But they shouldn't be killing lions at all in the first place. A trophy is not worth the creatures on earth. That would be a horrible way to die, animal or not.

People don't understand that animals also have feelings. It's sad. ;A;

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Re: Lions Being Poisoned in Africa

Post by Swans Feathger » Fri Dec 09, 2016 1:28 pm

That is so sad!
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