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WolfQuest Records

Posted: Sat May 09, 2020 11:09 pm
by katlove
Hello and welcome to the WolfQuest Records Topic! Here you can submit records for in-game achievements such as, Most elk killed by a single wolf, most pup predators thwarted, most experience, you get the idea.
1 Follow the forum guidelines.
2 Submit photo evidence of your record. (via img, link, whatever)
3 If the record is a group effort, you must credit the other participants.
4 Update your post if you want to add to your record.
5 You can only submit your own records.
6 No falsifying your records. (Submitting false records)
7 You can submit your record even if it's not the all time best.
8 No submitting records for games other then WolfQuest.
9 If you have an idea about a new record then feel free to submit it.
10 If your record breaks one or more of these rules, it will NOT be counted.
11 Do not accuse people of false records without proof.
13 You can submit more then one record at once as long as it is clear which is which.
12 Have fun!

|Leader boards|
The leader board is the place where the records are posted, and it will be updated with every new submission. Up to ten record submissions will be displayed here for every record type; the info will be, The record itself, date of submission, and date of completion (if given).

Cow elk killed

Bull elk killed

Cow moose killed

Bull moose killed

Coyotes killed

Hares killed

Grizzlies chased off

Cougars chased off

All Pup Predators Thwarted

Strangers Survived


Pup Weight