Early Access for PC/Mac Released!

We have released Amethyst Mountain the first episode of WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition, as Early Access for PC/Mac on Steam and While in Early Access, we will be updating the game frequently with more features, multiplayer, and ultimately the Slough Creek episode with pups.

The MOBILE version will come after the game is completed on PC/Mac platforms.

Then we will resume development of the next episode, Tower Fall (DLC).

Tower Fall - Future Episode

Tower Fall is a whole new episode/map which will continue life with your pups through late summer and into autumn. You will move further south into the valley of the Yellowstone River. There, with Tower Fall thundering nearby, your pack will stake out new territory and raise a new generation of skilled hunters.

The Tower Fall expansion will be an in-game purchase (DLC) and released after WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition.

Updates & Patches

While WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition is in Early Access, we release updates and patches (fixes) frequently. The game updates itself automatically when you launch. See all the updates and patches: PATCHES & UPDATES: WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition

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Public Beta

Help test the new version of the game in WQ:AE Public Beta for PC and Mac on Steam.

Development Blog

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Featured Devblog Posts

  • A Den of One's Own

    We have been busy working on dens for WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition’s expanded Slough Creek map. (published 1/30/20)

    As before, there will be three types of den: Underground, under boulders, and under trees, and today’s devblog video takes a first look at the first type: basically a hole in the ground.

    Many many people have asked, “Can we go into the den?” and we always reply, “Dens are tricky technically. And very cramped and dark. But maybe someday.” But we agree, it would be nice to be able to interact with dens more than in WolfQuest 2.7. We’re still investigating to see exactly what is feasible so don’t have any specific announcements about it yet — but it will be more than the old game had (which which was nothing… so we feel safe predicting that).

  • A Peek at Slough Creek

    Here’s a quick peek at WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition’s next map/episode Slough Creek, now in development. (published 1/23/20)

    It is sure nice to spend some time running around in spring greenery (since we are in the dead of snowy winter, here in Minnesota)! We are very excited about all new places our bigger maps allow! Check out our research videos to see some of the new spots coming to the game:

    As many of you know, Slough Creek is where you and your mate set up home to raise a family. With many of the core systems built, Slough Creek is going to go much faster than Amethyst Mountain — but we still do have lots and lots of work to do on it, of course. We won’t be setting a release date because it puts unnecessary pressure on our team, but we will keep sharing updates about terrain, vegetation, dens, pups, and little babies for some of the other animals too. Subscribe to our channel!

    What else are we working on now? * Tommi is revising some core game functionality to support seasonal patterns for animals, including migration: from highlands to valleys in the fall, and vice versa in the spring. * Mikko has been making progress with multiplayer. * Andrei has been working with Mikko on multiplayer interfaces, along with additional refinements to controller support and key remapping. * Susan has been researching additional pup behavior and other aspects of Slough Creek missions.

    What are you most excited about in Slough Creek?

  • Public Beta Testing!

    Help test the new version of the game in WQ:AE Public Beta for PC and Mac on Steam! Published 12/28/19

    A lot of players have asked over the years how they can become beta testers -- and now they can! We’ve been working for the past two months on a couple substantial new features, and we’re ready now to open this new version, v1.0.2, to public beta testing. Anyone on Steam who want to try these new features can do so. Those who prefer to stick to the official released version can stay on that until the beta period is over and we release this version as the official current release.

    Note: This beta is currently for Windows only, but we should have the Mac beta out in a few days. The beta is available only on Steam, because it has a very easy-to-use method of switching between beta builds and the released build.

    Watch the video to see what’s in this new version, and for some tips on submitting useful bug reports.

    To get the beta build:

    1) In the Steam app, go to your Library, then right-click on the WolfQuest: AE name in the left column and choose Properties. 2) Then go to the Betas tab and select the WQ current Beta option in the pulldown. No password is necessary.

    Steam should then start downloading it. Later you can switch back to the public version in that Betas tab, by selecting NONE in that pulldown.

    Please use the F11 Bug Reporter to submit bug reports, but you can also discuss issues on the new Public Beta discussion forum on Steam:

    This beta build has the following changes:


    This replaces the pathfinding and obstacle avoidance system in the game. It's much more robust for both large-scale topography (like steep cliffs) and small objects like trees and boulders.


    We have complete support now for the Xbox controller (PS4 and Steam Controller support will be added in the final release of v1.0.2.). Please refer to the Controller diagram in Game Settings: Controls for guidance, as we have not yet added controller icons to the game tutorials and help screens. Remapping should generally work, though not well tested yet.


    • Refined the lighting intensity and effects, especially at dawn/dusk and nighttime, with and without moonlight.
    • Revised the cliff rocks with new shader for better realism and dynamic snow.
    • Tweaked grizzly bear run-animation speed.
    • Improved general appearance of snow on ground
    • Removed white haze in sky when rain/storm clears. In Glorious quality level, grass and shadow distance is increased, for better visuals and slightly worse performance.
    • Grizzly bears should be a bit less common now.


    • Missing guitar-emote music during courtship.
    • Can get stuck on rocks or trees when sliding down steep slope.
    • Can skate on pond surface if you jump onto pond from land.
    • Duplicate bull herds.
    • Too many bulls in one place (won't be fixed in saves)
    • Terrain tweaks and fixes.
    • Clouds evolve shape too quickly.
    • Snow on gnarly white bark pine was too extensive.
    • Problems with invert camera toggles.
    • Pink mule deer carcass.
    • Placement problems with snow on grizzlies
    • Wolf skull in Fossil Forest is too small.
    • Areas where you can get stuck in cliff rocks.
    • Sometimes prey run too slowly when you are chasing them.
    • Mismatched coat texture on one dispersal wolf in Courtship popup.
    • When playing on Fastest quality, eagle wings have holes.
    • Some nature sounds don't respect audio slider settings.
    • Shadows are too jiggly sometimes.
    • Various terrain tweaks and refinements
  • Fighting Tips & Tactics (JayPlays)

    JayPlays shares fighting tips and tactics needed to survive in WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition. (published 1/2/2020)

    Knowing when and how to fight (or flee) means understanding the risks and rewards when you encounter competitors – grizzly bears, coyotes, foxes, cougars, and, of course, other wolves. We asked JayPlays, a popular YouTuber and longtime WolfQuest player and beta tester, to suggest some tips and tactics to both avoid fights whenever possible and fight successfully whenever a clash is impossible to avoid. Here’s her video — enjoy!

    You might also like the video Hunting Tips and Tactics (JayPlays) at

    And then go enjoy many more videos of WolfQuest and other animal games on JayPlays YouTube channel.

    Find more information about WolfQuest competitors on our Wolfopedia and lots more gameplay tips in the [WQ:AE Knowledge Base].(

  • Hunting Tips and Tactics (JayPlays)

    The elk hunt in WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition is designed to realistically capture the challenges and dangers facing wolves in Yellowstone as they seek their main prey. Published 11/28/2019

    For players, this means mastering many skills: how to find a herd, identify a vulnerable member, deal damage with risky bite-holds, and when hunting calves, avoid the dangerous hooves of the mother. We asked JayPlays, a popular YouTuber and longtime WolfQuest player and beta tester, to suggest some tips and tactics to help players hunt elk more successfully. Here’s her video — enjoy! (And then go enjoy many more videos of WolfQuest and other animal games on JayPlays YouTube channel

  • WolfQuest Returns to Yellowstone: Slough Creek

    On the ground game research in Yellowstone National Park! published 11/8/2019

    Though not as vast as the Lamar Valley or as spectacular as Yellowstone’s geysers or waterfalls, Slough Creek is one of my favorite areas in the park. It was a delight to return there during our visit last August!

    Susan and I hiked up the valley, often bushwacking through tall grasses and dense woods, to gather photos and impressions of the area as reference for the new, expanded Slough Creek map in WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition. Slough Creek is, of course, where you establish a territory and have a spring litter of pups in the game. While we did not spot any wolf dens (those locations are well-kept secrets, to keep them safe), we did come across plenty of potential densites on our way to Second Meadow.

    If you enjoy this video, be sure to check out our other research trips!

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  • NPCs Do the Darndest Things

    We’re excited to release this update, which has a bunch of bugfixes and minor improvements, plus some bigger and more exciting new features that give the NPC residents of our WolfQuest world more to do: from hunting to fighting to just hanging out. It’s available now and should auto-update via Steam or the WolfQuest launcher.

    Published 11/1/19

    Watch the video: NPCs Do the Darndest Things

    NEW ANIMAL BEHAVIORS: * Stranger wolves (dispersals and pack wolves) hunt prey. * Bull elk rut: Bull elk challenge the resident bull in a large herd to a fight, involving a lot of bugling, circling, and clash of antlers. * Buck mule deer rut: Buck mule deer will converge near small doe herds and challenge each other to a fight, involving a lot of circling, eyeing each other, and antler clashes. Since mule deer don't live in herds as elk do, this is harder to witness. Try following mule deer scents and hope to find a situation where two males have converged on a family group of does and fawns. * Eagles are present throughout the game world: flying around, perching on dead trees, and hunting. Bald eagles hunt fish in the Lamar River while Golden eagles (new species!) hunt snowshoe hares. * Ravens are present throughout the game world. * Coyotes hunt snowshoe hares. * Foxes hunt small prey.

    OTHER NEW AND IMPROVED THINGS: * Custom markers on the World Map now appear on the Compass (faded with distance). * Added a third Gore level, now No Gore (carcasses do not turn bloody), Low Gore (carcasses turn bloody), and More Gore (carcasses turn bloody and skeleton and innards revealed during consumption.) The original intent was for Low Gore to be as described here, but it inadvertently switched to what we're now calling No Gore. We've renamed "Low" to "No" so it preserves your previous visual effect, but you can change it to Low Gore if you want a bit of blood. * Carcasses have improved textures (fur only on the skin, not on the exposed innards). * Adjusted colliders on the rock at the top of Fairies' Falls. Should be possible to jump onto it, and should be quite hard to get stuck. * Player wolf will sometimes crouch when facing an opponent, preparing to attack. * Moon casts shadows at night. * Competitors should be less likely to get stuck running in circles near you. * Minor performance improvement when many elk are spawned in vicinity. * Controller support: Added a steering sensitivity slider for controllers. (Many more improvements for controllers still to come.) * Stranger territory audio now part of Interface Audio (so not muted if music is muted). * Animals use walking turn more now, don't do the spin-in-place turn except in urgent situations. * Bite cursor should be hidden in Photo Mode. * Removed "mate" from badword filter for wolf bio.

    BUGS FIXED * Animals sometimes have snow on them when it hasn't been snowing. * Weird snow pattern on bears. * Sometimes grass density settings don't persist in later game sessions. * Unable to save your game or overwrite existing saved game (fixed a couple bugs; there may be others still) * Ravens gather at some distance from carcass. * When running in dual-monitor setup, with game on one screen in Fullscreen Windowed mode, game minimizes when you click on other screen. * Elk calves have Cow Elk label. * Fox fur looks bad. * On some computer systems, the mouse cursor has "hand grab" icon instead of pointer. * In "My Wolves" in main menu, sometimes one wolf is missing, and arrows are missing too so can't select another wolf. * Dispersal wolf is occasionally frozen. * The "So Sleepy, Bug..." alert is missing text. * Grass sometimes bends quite excessively in the wind. * Improved lighting on trees when viewing towards sun. * Reduced acceleration and deceleration speeds for cougar, coyote and fox. * In Basic mode, some areas have grass when grass is disabled. * In Customization, fur pokes through radio collar if you change coats after choosing the collar. * In Basic graphics mode, at some places in the game world, some distant terrain sections are missing. * Can get stuck on far side of Lamar River, stuck between two world-edge barriers. * Thin vertical lines appear around grass in Basic graphics mode. * Controller: Fixed incorrect labels on Controller Help image (ack!) * Sometimes wolves don't growl or snarl during wolf fights. * Various terrain tweaks.

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  • WolfQuest Returns to Yellowstone: Amethyst Creek

    On the ground game research in Yellowstone National Park! published on 9/13/2019

    Watch the video: WolfQuest Returns to Yellowstone: Amethyst Creek

    We returned to Yellowstone National Park last month for another round of on-site exploration of the areas we depict in the game. Today’s video follows our hike into the northern edge of the Amethyst game map, as we ford the Lamar River and follow Amethyst Creek into the highlands. Along the way, we saw a plenty of wildlife — birds, bison, pronghorn, and even a toad in the Lamar River — and plenty of discarded elk antlers. We also took note of many things to improve in the game, as we try to make the game world match the real world of Yellowstone as closely as we can. Little things like how much the grass and sage moves in the wind, and bigger things like the density of trees and grass along the creeks. Plus ground textures, rock forms and textures, and all sorts of things that we’ll try to incorporate in the coming months. We saw no wolves on this hike, but the very next day — after a terrific meeting with one of our science advisors, YNP wolf biologist Dan Stahler, — we watched a black wolf trot a mile or two up the Lamar Valley, eventually crossing our route before turning and heading into the hills. (We got amazing views through binoculars but no photos or videos, alas.)

    In the coming months, we’ll share more videos of our explorations of the Slough Creek and Tower Fall maps, so stay tuned!

    We have released the first episode, Amethyst Mountain for PC/Mac on Steam and, as Early Access. While in Early Access, we will be updating the game frequently with more features, multiplayer, and ultimately the Slough Creek episode with pups. The mobile version will come after the game is completed on PC/Mac platforms. We’ll then resume development of the next episode, Tower Fall (DLC).

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  • Stand Out From the Pack

    Wolf Customization Options

    Published on September 27, 2018

    We’ve finished setting up the customization options you can use to create and modify your wolf, so let’s take a look at that in today’s video. Many of these are the same body modifications as in WolfQuest 2.7, but we’re using a different method for them in WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition which will allow more variety. Now you’ll be able to mix and match as many modifications as you want! Not only that, you can adjust the degree of each one to create a more unique wolf.

    • Coats: We still have five basic coats, but we created those textures way back in 2007, so they’re overdue for an upgrade. We’re remaking all five coat textures, and here’s the first one, replacing the old Tawny wolf coat. As before, you can adjust the tint of the coats to create lighter or darker variations. All the other coats will still be available as well (and on mobile, your purchases will carry over to WolfQuest 3). Please note that WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition will not have additional coats, but we know that many players would like more and are considering options to add more in the future.

    • Eyes: As we showed in an earlier devblog, you can choose and tint your wolf’s eye color to create a range of accurate eye colors found in wild wolves, from gray to yellow (with the palest of yellow-green) to gold to brown. See the video and read the post: “Eye of the Beholder” at

    • Howls: Based on our poll from a few months ago, every howl in WQ 2.7 is loved by somebody, so we’re keeping all of them — and adding a lot more! Not only that, but your wolf will have two howls, a primary and a secondary, which you play by tapping the H key or Howl button once or twice. Rallies just got a lot more melodious!

    • Ears: We have the same choices of ear customizations (torn, bent, flat, and notched) but not only can you modify the degree of each, now you can combine them, as you like.

    • Body: Along with the radio collar option, you can now adjust your wolf’s neck ruff, body mass, tail fluffiness, and even fine-tune the mangy tail options. As before, male wolves are larger than female wolves and you can still vary the size using the strength stat slider.

    • Stats: Same as before, with sliders for strength, stamina, and speed.

    • Personality: Your actions are how you convey your wolf’s personality in the game, of course. But now you can set your wolf’s personality traits using the same scales assigned to the NPC wolves (bold-cautious, social-loner, energetic-lazy). These settings will then be used in the WQ genetics system and will combine with your mate’s stats to help determine your pups’ personalities.

    To learn more about these systems, see the videos and posts: - “For Better or For Worse” (mate AI and personality) at “Genes Behind the Scenes” at - Bio: Finally, you can write a short biography of your wolf that other players can see in the Pack Stats panel in multiplayer games.

    Thank you all for your ideas and feedback that helped guide us as we’ve updated the wolf customization system for WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition!

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  • WolfQuest, Graphics Cards, and You

    Can your computer run the new game?

    published June 27, 2019

    We’re seeing more questions from players about what kind of computer hardware is necessary to run WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition. Given how much bigger and better this game is compared to the old version, that’s a good question — so that’s what we’ll look at in today’s devblog post.

    First, I’ll note that general game code is quite well optimized and runs on a wide range of CPUs (Central Processing Unit — the “brain” of the computer that runs the game code), so we don’t have any worries about that. It’s the game graphics that pose the bigger burden on a typical computer. Computers use a graphics card (or GPU: Graphics Processing Unit) to draw (or “render”) the visuals on your monitor. Many modern computer games require a dedicated graphics card — a special microprocessor that is fully responsible for that task — rather than the more basic GPU which is built into the computer. Today’s video looks at WolfQuest’s graphics, particularly why grass and trees are so demanding on a computer, and what we’re doing to make the game run on as many computers as possible.

    How do you know what graphics card your computer has? Follow the instructions here:

    And here is the bar chart of common graphics cards shown in the video:

    What about mobile? We’ll do our best — stay tuned!

    See the WolfQuest Anniversary Edition Knowledge Base for more information about the specs, getting/installing the game, troubleshooting, gameplay tips, and more.

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  • I Do...Do You?

    Find a Mate Mission Walkthrough, WolfQuest:Anniversary Edition

    published January 24, 2019

    We’ve had the new courtship gameplay working for quite awhile, but over the past month, we’ve revised and refined it, based on our own testing as well as feedback from beta testers. Today’s video shows highlights from this entire mission, from finding possible mates out in the wilderness, engaging in initial courting activities using emotes, to the trial period where you and your prospective mate spend some time together to get a better sense of each other’s personalities and capabilities before finishing the bonding process and becoming mates. Once chosen, you and your mate are loyal (although we are considering a future option for your mate to die in the game).

    This mission is a huge expansion from the original game and, as with the rest of WolfQuest 3, our goal was to make it more naturalistic and realistic — while still being intuitive and straightforward enough for novice players. While we’ve retained the emote-based interaction from the original game, it’s now more fluid and freeform, allowing you to meet and interact with several mate candidates — and if you take time to observe their responses, you’ll gain insights into their individual personalities. We also really wanted to incorporate hunting — a vital activity for wolves, and it only makes sense to evaluate the hunting abilities of prospective mates. And it isn’t all up to you. As in real life, potential mates may not say I do!

    Other related videos: - You Had Me at Playbow
    - For Better or For Worse - Genes Behind the Scenes

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  • Meet the Prey

    New and Improved Prey of Wolfquest: Anniversary Edition

    Published June, 2019

    Yellowstone National Park provides an ungulate banquet – so these large, hoofed mammals are also the main course in WolfQuest. Elk are the top choice and were a key reason of why the park was chosen for wolf reintroduction. Swift mule deer and nimble bighorn sheep might feed a clever wolf but they are hard to catch! Large wolf packs even tackle dangerous bison. (Yes, bison hunting is at the top of the WolfQuest wishlist for a future episode). Snowshoe hares and maybe an occasional beaver can provide a snack (and an enjoyable change of pace for WolfQuest players) even though they may be not worth the effort when elk are on the menu.

    Coming to WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition, many new and improved prey:

    • New elk models – bulls, spikes (young bulls), cows, calves
    • Improved moose model with new calves
    • New mule deer – bucks, does, and fawns
    • New bighorn sheep – rams, ewes, and lambs
    • New snowshoe hare model
    • New beaver (Slough Creek)
    • New carcasses (with option for more gore or less gore)
    • New ability to carry small prey and meat chunks

    We are getting closer every week to releasing the first episode, Amethyst Mountain, for PC/Mac on Steam and, as Early Access. That will be followed by Slough Creek some months later, then followed by the mobile versions. We’ll then resume development of the next episode, Tower Fall.

    3D Models by GIM Studios, Phillip Guerrero, and Steve Adamson Music by Tim Buzza and Ben Woolman

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  • Meet the Competition

    New and Improved Competition for WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition

    published April 11, 2019

    Yellowstone has a host of hungry carnivores. Everybody wants a piece of the carcass!

    As if it wasn't hard enough taking down an elk to feed your family! Armed with fierce teeth, claws, or loads of patience, there are plenty of Yellowstone animals, big and small, waiting to take your meal. There's a reason why wolves wolf down their food!

    While a wolf's biggest worry is other wolves, they never underestimate the dangers of North America's biggest predators: bears and cougars. Coyotes are always harassing and waiting to grab a share. And while smaller scavengers like eagles, foxes, and ravens aren't dangerous to grown wolves, they can easily gobble up your hard-earned kill.

    Did we mention dangers to your pups? Most everyone is happy to take out the competition before their teeth get too big.

    Character artists: Steve Adamson, GIM Studio, and Ben Guerrero

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